Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day One in Blogdovia

I am trying my hand at blogging. How did that name evolve?  Could it have been called "Blurbing"? "Blabbing", "Exhibiting"  I will have to do some web search on that!!
In the past few days, the Life and Times of Ally  has been focused on work and itching! Work is fine, the classroom is running smoothly and progress reports are complete and filed. 
The ITCHY situation is alarming. All my training on asthma allergies and anaphylaxis has got my me on edge, waiting for the numb or itchy lips and throat! My legs, arms feet hands belly and as of yesterday, neck and throat and face have been invaded with welts and red areas and crazy itchy! It comes in the morning (early 4-5:30) and it lasts for a few hours with benadryl working it magic.  My body is telling me it cannot and will not tolerate..... something! But it is not giving details! My favorite doctor, Dr Ryan , has given me prednisone (again! I had 8 days worth in mid February) and an appointment with the allergist I saw in 2002 or 2003. Hopefully, he will re administer the tests and figure out what ails me!